Our Committee Members

Terry Nelson
I was blessed to be able to grow up in Stevensville. After graduating from Montana State University in Engineering, I returned to the Bitterroot Valley to work for my wife’s family business, Applebury Survey. I have done surveying and land planning in the valley for the past 25 years, having spent the past 6 years as the Ravalli County Planning Department Administrator. I have been married to my wife, Darlene, for 26 years and we have 4 wonderful children.
I have been involved in politics since helping form and becoming president of a voter education group, Voters Opportunity To Educate (VOTE) in 2000. Getting involved with the Republican Central Committee in the mid 2000’s, I have held the positions of precinct captain, treasurer, vice chairman and chairman. I have also been elected to the State GOP Executive Board for the past 6 years and was recently elected as the State Vice Chairman for the Montana Republicans.
With the remarkable team we have in our Central Committee, we have successfully created a deep red county in Ravalli County. With that same teamwork and determination, the Ravalli County team is now poised to make Montana a solid Republican State.
Victoria Wirth
Vice Chairman
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Nancy Ballance

Ravalli County Republican Central Committee Vice Chair 2015-2016. Treasurer 2016-present. ​I process and account for all financial transactions, report financial status to RCRCC, and file all required reports with the Commissioner of Political Practices. Currently serving my 3rd term in the Montana House of Representatives, representing HD87, Victor, Corvallis, Pinesdale, Stevensville.  Served as Chair of House Appropriations for the past 2 terms.  Also currently serving as Chair of the joint Senate/House Legislative Finance Committee. My goal in the Legislature is to continue to develop and monitor budgets that are structurally balanced, while leaving sufficient reserve funds to manage the state's financial obligations and provide funding for the essential services mandated by law.

Susanna Pyron
For sixty years I have been interested in politics.  I started knocking doors in East Los Angeles in 1960.  I found that ignorance is our enemy, including mine. 
I would like to see more people take an interest and participate in our “self-government” which is unique.  Our Declaration of Independence and our U. S. Constitution remind us that a moral society is necessary to protect our freedom and safety.  Every citizen should be able to defend these documents.

For over thirty years I have lived in our beautiful Bitterroot Valley.  I thank my friends here for making my life so enjoyable.​​
Finance Chair
Hollis Poe
State Committee Man
I came to Ravalli County in the mid nineties as a business man and immediately began to concern myself in community issues. My wife and I, Jeannie, became involved in politics. We soon found ourselves as Precinct Captains that led to campaign efforts and all manner of grassroots volunteering. I have served on numerous County boards. For the last eleven years, I have been State Committeeman for Ravalli County acting as liaison between the local Central Committee and State, as well as National leaders. I was on the committee that brought the current State Platform Preamble into being along with numerous other significant improvements to our State Platform.
My aim is not for self but to serve my Lord as I serve others in civil government seeing to it that our Lord is part of the equation, always. I consider myself to be a Christian, Constitutional, Conservative, Republican in that order. Wherever, in my theater, there are issues being contested I can be found right there in the front line. I care very much about this great land and it’s awesome people. Our Judaic-Christian heritage is sacred to me.
Jeannie Poe
State Committee Woman
After arriving with my husband, Hollis, I hit the ground running with the notion that this great State is worth protecting for our future generations. I am the “Let’s get ‘er done” person and will always be where ever the action is. With vast front line experience I have seen many awesome leaps forward in our county and will never get tired of winning. I can be found lobbying for the side of the unborn as well as for rights to keep and bear arms. If I can just figure out how to arm the unborn there will be no more abortion issues.
I have worked at the State Central Committee level for the last eleven years and have taken part in many significant issues. I carried the amendment which became our State Platform Preamble and have been in the fight for numerous platform upgrades.

My passion is events and putting them on. I am like my husband in that I am a strong Christian, Constitutional, Conservative, Republican.​​
Robert J. Garding
Events Vice Chair
I was born in Havre, Montana in 1957. Grew up in a family owned campground business. I learned to play the piano and then guitar at a very young age. I started entertaining others at the age of 15. That practice continues today.
I have owned NAPA Auto in Stevensville for the last 19 years so I understand the challenges that small businesses face in terms of taxation, regulation and health care just to name a few. This is the main reason I chose to focus on advancing a conservative agenda on a local level. It's a ground up movement and each citizen has the duty of holding our government accountable for ALL they do.
​Proud to serve and represent Ravalli County in an effort to return our country to it's former status as a true world leader. 
Ron Marshall
Public Relations Vice Chair
Penney Howe-Canton
Elections Vice Chair
"I am boots on the ground, listening, and helping when and where needed."


Precinct Captains

01 Darrel McCall

02 Ron Stoker

02 Theresa Manzella

04  Judy Haefner

04  Jacob Devries

05  Howard Lyons

05  Jane Alford

06  Andy Larsen

06  Claudia Larsen

07 Dusty R. Weber

08 Derrell Poole

10 Jim Burrill

10 Carol Burrill

12 Zach Strain

14 Charles Wissenbach

15 Ron Paul Wirth

15 Victoria Wirth

16 Wayne Mooney

18 Gordon Wax

19 Jim Canton

19 Penney Howe Canton                                                                                              

20 Robert J. Garding

20 Sue McCreary                                                                                 

21 Jenny L. Erickson

23 Dave Hurtt

24 Susanna Pyron